So What by Miles Davis


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but jasoncale was first  

The opening track to Miles Davis' 1959 seminal album Kind Of Blue.   3

AlexEliason2 16 Jun 2015

One of my favorite albums. I used to play it every time I went to the dentist to relax - but that made me feel nervous every other time I listened to it.. I think I'm over that now.

Keith_Rowe 30 Jun 2015

Cool..........   7

obadiah99 1 Jan 2014

This for the film as much as the music. Proving Miles to be the coolest man on the planet.   7

adrian4acn 13 Nov 2012

Hello from the Glove Of Bones. Lets ease into this gently with the greatest musician of the 20th Century.   8

gloveofbones 3 Jul 2015

Perfect music for a rainy day.

yumicho 22 Jun 2012