So What by Miles Davis

“So what!?”

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So what!?

waik 16 Dec 2014

Jammer Friends: We have decided to create a Spotify account which you can find here: We are kicking things off with playlists for each decade starting on the 1950´s, so we wrote our post about this era: We hope you enjoy the post and the playlist! As you might imagine, we had to choose songs we think are influential and classics so feel free to tell us if you agree, disagree or think we left something out. We love to hear from you always :)   21

MVD 30 Jun 2014

Cool..........   7

obadiah99 1 Jan 2014

One of my favorite albums. I used to play it every time I went to the dentist to relax - but that made me feel nervous every other time I listened to it.. I think I'm over that now.

Keith_Rowe 30 Jun 2015

Happy Birthday Miles. The coolest dude and the greatest musician pretty much ever... @Bukowski over to you.....   12

adrian4acn 26 May 2013

This for the film as much as the music. Proving Miles to be the coolest man on the planet.   7

adrian4acn 13 Nov 2012