This Must Be The Place by Miles Fisher

“A blasphemous but delightful cover.”

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A blasphemous but delightful cover.

phyllisstein 14 Aug 2012

If you enjoy American Psycho or Christian Bale's face, this is a great video. Fisher is a dead ringer for Bale.

unknownsister 5 Jul 2013

I have woken up to this song for the last five days and I swear to god it's making me fitter and happier

hella_brad 26 Aug 2012

"...a song so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics."  (And probably one of my favourite music videos ever.)

wussygirl 1 Aug 2014

One of my favorite songs mixed with one of my favorite movies? Yes, please.

davebanks 30 May 2013

This Talking Heads cover popped up on my iPod recently and I can't stop singing it.

immlass 11 Dec 2012