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but naomihatesyou was first  

There's a girl works in our local branch of Nationwide who's the absolute spit of Loz circa 1998   3

housetoastonish 22 Sep 2012

Because, weather.

seb 6 Jun 2013

A great lost feelgood hit of the summer (if only they hadn't released it in February)

djbidup 16 Aug 2013

I'm having an "I wish i was 90s Lauren Laverne" phase. Well, 2012 Lauren Laverne would do nicely too.

issy 4 Jul 2012

Here's a blast from the past.  A very cool song, and a very cute video.

hahamat 5 Jun 2012

Had this in my head since @housetoastonish jammed it. 12 years ago! Time flies.   3

McKelvie 26 Sep 2012