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but colinbell was first  

Listening to Lauren on the radio and I remembered this......

toonfan 2 Mar 2015

When you're with me it's always Summer

FunSizeSuze 20 Jul 2013

Why has this popped into my head? Why?

nothingelseis 22 Sep 2014

Mint Royale and a young @laurenlaverne sucking a lollipop. What more could you want on a Saturday morning. #heydontfalter

Lord_C_Beckett 2 Nov 2013

Heard this today and have not heard it in a long time! Takes me straight back to the common room ;-)   2

TheKatePaterson 16 Jan 2013

Anyone who doesn't think this is one of the finest pop songs EVER is a prize nutsack.

musicismyradar1 3 Apr 2012