Don't Falter by Mint Royale

“Listening to Lauren on the radio and I remembered this......”

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but colinbell was first  

Listening to Lauren on the radio and I remembered this......

toonfan 2 Mar 2015

The Best Summer Song, so while there ain't no Sun. Enjoy this Jam.   2

cscefc 10 Feb 2015

Mint Royale and a young @laurenlaverne sucking a lollipop. What more could you want on a Saturday morning. #heydontfalter

Lord_C_Beckett 2 Nov 2013

Why has this popped into my head? Why?

nothingelseis 22 Sep 2014

When you're with me it's always Summer

FunSizeSuze 20 Jul 2013

Anyone who doesn't think this is one of the finest pop songs EVER is a prize nutsack.

musicismyradar1 3 Apr 2012