History Lesson - Part II by Minutemen

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“my favorite song from one of my all-time favorite albums”

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my favorite song from one of my all-time favorite albums

Schell 2 Jul 2013

corn dogs and scientist rock

AskSteveK 26 Mar 2015

I originally thought that the opening line referred to a Grateful Dead-esque devotion, in a self-aggrandizing manner, but it's clear from their recent documentary (and the rest of the song, actually) that they're really just riffing on equality. That they're on a stage, but they're just like the people they play for, and that true musicianship and artistic expression includes everyone, and doesn't try to draw a line between performers and audience. They felt lucky to make music, and when you combine that sentiment with the oddball songwriting and delivery of D. Boon, you get magic.

dnord 7 Jul 2015

our band could be your life

Schell 25 May 2012

This band could be your life.

RichardMiller 11 Dec 2011

#118 on Pitchfork's recently published 200 best songs of the 80s. Haven't read any higher yet but, bloody hell, the rest of them better be amazing.   3

simonp 24 Aug 2015