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I heart Moderat.

jonathanapples 10 Dec 2014

very pretty video, very pretty music. who doesn't love understated wubs?

holderch5 20 Jan 2014

Unbelievable this beautiful track fell from the table in the inital selection for Moderat 2. Luckily it was included in the 'luxury version' of the album. Thanks Roosmarijn, for playing this on 3FM. Mood music for rainy days.   1

Passetti 27 Nov 2013

Does it get any better than emotive electronic music like this?

jimpenola 7 Mar 2014

Why is this a bonus track? "When I was dead asleep, behind towering walls. They built a world outside, and I missed the wake up call."

disassembler 11 Mar 2014

when i was dead asleep / behind / towering walls / they built a world outside   2

dominikus 27 Jan 2014