The Stars Are Projectors by Modest Mouse


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Zergonoid 17 Dec 2014

Longer one, but a gooder one.

somtwo 29 Mar 2013

This is for everyone I've been following this whole time. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing music guys. I've learned so much during this years. Reading and hearing all this knowledge has been amazing for me... you just know that you know nothing, and then you understand Isaac Brock on this song. Big hugs for everyone. <3

andrecch 27 Aug 2015

Continuing my Modest Mouse Top 25 countdown: 14. The Stars are Projectors I could easily imagine Syd Barrett singing this song. The subject matter touches on the really big questions. The idea that the stars are projectors is clever in itself, but there's even more to take in when listening to the song. It's a sprawling journey, with mystical guitar and vocals to match. At nearly nine minutes long, it goes through a number of phases, allowing the band to rock out at times. I still think that it works even better when you listen to the whole album, but it's fantastic on its own as well. 15. Edit the Sad Parts, 16. Bury Me with It, 17. Ocean Breathes Salty, 18. Broke, 19. Head South, 20. Steam Engenius, 21. Cowboy Dan, 22. Black Cadillacs, 23. I Came as a Rat, 24. Invisible 25. The World at Large

IntheFrame1 24 Mar 2015

no words [too perfect]

hipstergoth 23 Apr 2012

Takes till about 1:35 to get going... just love the premise of this track.

KBro 20 Mar 2013