Trailer Trash by Modest Mouse

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"Taking heartache with hard work."

TheTravisW 5 Apr 2013

I love this song because I like Movie Trailers.   1

Tobias779 30 Aug 2014

Continuing my Modest Mouse Top 25 countdown: 13. Trailer Trash It's obvious during the 13-second intro that Trailer Trash is going to be an incredible song. If it has a fault, it's that the lyrics are repeated in the second half of the song, but they are great observations on life. Picture Brock as a man in his early 20s, trapped in a grotty existence. He sings about things that people usually don't realize until middle age, if ever. It's a damning account of life in a trailer and the desperation of some of the people who live that way. He escaped it by becoming a musician, but many never have that chance. The opening verse is some of the best writing in any Modest Mouse song, and that's saying a lot. As for the music, it ranges from laid back guitar to soaring anthem by the end of the song. It's a classic.

IntheFrame1 30 Mar 2015

Hot dog.

oldseacaptain 20 Jan 2015

This track could go on endlessly. "And I guess that I miss you, and I'm sorry if I dissed you"

schnitzerphoto 12 Mar 2014