Hungry Face by Mogwai


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I don't think I'd listen to them casually so much but Mogwai are just so awesome and atmospheric, absolutely loved this programme!   3

marshamarsh 26 Aug 2013

More great music from great telly. This time The Returned, and the suitably beautifully haunting intro music.   6

crawtonleek 15 Oct 2014

Creepy......(terrific series though).....

JamieOPR 31 May 2015

Taken from Mogwai's soundtrack to Les Revenants, this track is utterly sublime. Enjoy.

DJDarren 10 Sep 2013

I love this tune – I love the whole soundtrack, and the TV show it plays a big part of – but i especially love the fact that someone has put this track together with a picture which is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for when I found my current Facebook cover pic of a red-eyed crow. Lovely piece of synchronicity, and an additional reminder to self to get my As The Crow Flies story written. That's all incidental. Enjoy this track – it's beautiful.

psibreaker 24 Apr 2014

I find Les Revenants slightly too scary but loving the sountrack   12

gemma 21 Jul 2013