Remurdered by Mogwai

“Best new material they've done in years. Love it.”

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but mikemantin was first  

Best new material they've done in years. Love it.   1

matichin 21 Jan 2014

Number 8 in my albums of 2014 is "Rave Tapes" by Mogwai. Another band I saw this year, who put on a stunning show.   4

AndyWilkinson 7 Feb 2015

Thanks for this @Mockturtled   1

andyhayward84 4 Nov 2014

Tasty new Mogwai song

mikemantin 28 Oct 2013

I find their newer stuff particularly engrossing. Great track.   2

Lililololaure 21 Jan 2014

There's something about the music of Mogwai that perfectly captures that special combination of (a) being profoundly pissed off while (b) being in Glasgow.   1

nessi_vanessi 7 Dec 2014