Tracy by Mogwai

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flackboy 11 Sep 2012

After having just had my first taste of Mogwai at their 20th anniversary show in Glasgow, I've been left wanting more. From what I've explored so far, their debut album is a breed of melancholic post-rock with interjections of heavy, rhythmic noise - a blend I've clearly been lacking, as I've taken to it immediately. I've found Tracy to be the most endearing track, with a lovely atmospheric whir complementing the recorded phone conversation - it leads perfectly onto Summer (priority version) which I highly recommend listening to once this track finishes. Better yet, I'd suggest listening to the entire album, it's brilliant back-to-back.   2

lewwatt 22 Jun 2015

Because Rave Tapes is out tomorrow. Probably one of my favourite Mogwai songs. Nostalgic goosebumps.

TomHumberstone 19 Jan 2014