Familiar Feeling by Moloko

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gabsie 20 Sep 2015


sere.trouble 14 Feb 2012

I thought I had worked out what love is, but then someone suggested to me that it’s a function of ideology. Think of it this way, he said: when you’re freshly in love, you request a photograph of your beloved -- not so you can confirm that his features indeed match your criteria for loving, but so you can remember what those criteria are ("Ah, yes, that nose."). Because a person's properties are not innately deserving of your love or innately not deserving of your love. Rather, a person's properties become deserving of your love by the very fact of you loving that person. You fall in love, and then you realize why. So how does it happen in the first place? How do we love, if the criteria for love manifest to us only after we fall? I don't know, but for some reason this all reminded me of Róisín Murphy’s silly, quirkily sad pick-up line, probably spoken after a saunter through party-goers, “Do you like my tight sweater? See how it fits my body!"   4

iprefernotto 28 Jul 2015

"Whats for you will not pass you by"

vdw76ivona 11 Jan 2014

@yakhunt reminded me what a great band these were.

AFJM_ 4 May 2013

Getting ready for a Wild Saturday night on the dance floor. Pay attention to these moves, because we'll be using them up and wearing them out!!!   11

BeeBee 26 Oct 2013