Pure Pleasure Seeker by Moloko

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but whereismyquiz was first  

Brilliant TV intro, fantastic video, and a weirdly excellent tune.   1

AtkoAtco 11 Jun 2015

It's the weekend. Go seek some pleasure. ;)   1

staceykitson 16 Aug 2013

After my issues with Monochrome Set/Saint Etienne, I've decided to have a week celebrating my most potent #earworms. Hopefully they won't all combine and drive me insane...   4

crawtonleek 10 Feb 2014

Was reminded recently of how much I like Moloko   2

lauraaurora 17 Jul 2013

Not so much suitable for #FunkyFriday but more so for #QuirkyFunkyFriday ( well, at least you can dance to it )........ I believe that this is a 'fake' OGWT presentation?...Probably because of the Roxy Music garb ( circa '72 ) which IS pretty eye- catching. Roisin looks stunning in her get-up & probably would have taken a lot of the attention away from Bryan Ferry & Eno if she had been in the original band looking like this!   13

debutch 31 Jul 2014

I'm off to get me some feathers & a glitter ball....

armstrongkath 29 Aug 2014