Sing it back by Moloko

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I wanted to play this: (official video) or http:// (for those wanting to judge the music only.) Just to say that Aphex Twin (Richard David James) is just as cool as Massive Attack (probably cooler)...not to mention a very important influence on Radiohead and other important bands. Changed music in many ways. The music videos that accompanied the tracks were always challenging, attacking and ridiculing the greed and sexism so obvious in other artists videos...(for the most part rap artists)   39

corcorankelly 30 Jul 2013

I am a zombie your wish will command me

gridinoc 5 Oct 2014

the slow jam jam.

thismonograph 21 Oct 2014

Happy days in Doha

MrSmith 4 Nov 2014

this brings back a lot of feels.

wastedalgorithm 8 Jan 2015

Mousse T Remix

sambaintv 8 Oct 2013