Sleepwalker by Moon Duo

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12-cylinder space rock...#tillthewheelsfalloff

dfunktt 15 Sep 2015

Nice song, insane video!   5

mifan86 17 Sep 2014

Pupil-dilating music to grow a beard to: new song by Moon Duo - "Sleepwalker"

JohnRoux 9 Aug 2012

Review of Moon Duo's Circles available at   5

therealmusicnet 29 Nov 2012

"We need you to shape up!" Now only if there was a Groupon for this Cultercise workout. #psychedelicsaturday Hell ya!!!!!   8

CSC 14 Dec 2013

i remember this man. much respect, 'ripley.'   2

eliotvb 27 Sep 2012