In Spite Of Me by Morphine

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2 min 30 of perfect bittersweet, beauty. The lead singer died on stage in 1999. He left this behind. RIP Mark

jonnyneale5 28 Apr 2012

What I probably was listening to most this week...20 years ago. This track is not at all representative of the trio Morphine's unique vocal-bass-drums-sax sound, which I love (and have missed since Mark Sandman's death). But I love this album even more for its exploration down this side road, bringing friend Jimmy Ryan's beautiful mandolin into play. Enjoy this, then go find the heart of this disc in the classic tracks"Buena," "Thursday" and the title track "Cure for Pain." (Album released September 14, 1993)

jcopestuf 24 Sep 2013

Busy getting nostalgic. This album turned up at home when my dad read a review and was intrigued by the two-string bass and baritone sax combination (he played bass, I played sax). We both fell for Morphine.   1

quitekate 17 Feb 2014

"Last night I told a stranger all about you..."

pineygir 13 Oct 2014

Black and truly beautiful...

BrianWalton 4 Jul 2012

A criminally under-rated band and this is one of their softer almost john martyn-esque tracks.

elwoodpfearon 13 Sep 2014