First of the Gang to Die by Morrissey

“My favourite Moz song....just finished the Autobiography....”

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My favourite Moz song....just finished the Autobiography....   5

DiamondDog 26 Oct 2013

Who's reading the Autobiography?   6

edclarke 18 Oct 2013

Great production and arrangement. Always makes me smile.

larrycolborne1 18 Apr 2015

Morrissey... always a pleasant way to start the week.

danieleizans 23 Jun 2014

No idea why I love this jam as much as I do. I should hate everything about it and yet   14

bwhitman 10 Aug 2012

Always loved Morrissey....and The Smiths....only managed to see him live once......back in 1989....North American Tour. I may be the first of my gang to sense of humour sometimes takes a dark turn due to my impending demise......8 months of fighting colon cancer.... week will be better!!!!!   7

njparry 24 Apr 2014