First of the Gang to Die by Morrissey

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Who's reading the Autobiography?   6

edclarke 18 Oct 2013

Always loved Morrissey....and The Smiths....only managed to see him live once......back in 1989....North American Tour. I may be the first of my gang to sense of humour sometimes takes a dark turn due to my impending demise......8 months of fighting colon cancer.... week will be better!!!!!   7

njparry 24 Apr 2014

Morrissey... always a pleasant way to start the week.

danieleizans 23 Jun 2014

My favourite Moz song....just finished the Autobiography....   5

DiamondDog 26 Oct 2013

Great production and arrangement. Always makes me smile.

larrycolborne1 18 Apr 2015

Woke up with this in my head, which is weird because it's pretty typical late-era Morrissey. There are a couple cute things about this song: one, it seems to be about an actual violent gang (songs about "the gang" never are!), and two, it's a nice, warm portrait of someone who isn't at all warm or nice. If I wrote songs I would love to write sideways jokes like "and the not very rich and the very poor" but I am not Morrissey.

dnord 23 Jun 2015