Hold On To Your Friends by Morrissey

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Tune! The interview that came out yesterday worth a watch – http://www.ora.tv/larrykingnow/2015/8/19/exclusive-morrisseys-first-in-person-interview-in-nearly-10-years-0_3d3ankir77i9

edclarke 20 Aug 2015

Great Song But Horrible Album Cover

gavinsdad1234 6 Nov 2013

Don't be someone's plan B... "But now you only call me When you're feeling depressed When you feel happy I'm So far from your mind My patience is stretched My loyalty vexed."

lynchonthego 17 May 2013


GirlAfraid 9 May 2014

NOT HOOVERING ANYMORE MUSIC. And most festive. From one of the best produced albums of all time.

akirathedon 23 Dec 2011

"Give up your job, squander your cash, be rash - just hold on to your friends"

thomasoshea 6 Feb 2015