Sing Your Life by Morrissey

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but philmiller was first  

It's an oldie but it's been in my head all day

StephanoBentos 12 Oct 2013

And make no mistake my friend, your pointless life will end. But before you go...

robbfritz 29 Sep 2012

Any fool can think of words that rhyme.

Ssejica 19 Nov 2013

Morrissey, what's not to like?

bradscanlan 25 Oct 2013

So it was my daughter's @frankierose_ graduation yesterday - and that was pretty cool . I coudn't even find the song I wanted to jam on youtube - but here's Mozzer - and that's ok . . . Others sang your life but now's your chance to shine and have the pleasure of saying what you mean the rare pleasure of meaning what you sing . . .   13

lindatee 11 Jul 2014

at number 61......sing your life...because no one will sing it for ya!.."enjoy......

njparry 13 Nov 2014