Carry Stress In The Jaw by Mr. Bungle


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Enjoying the fuck out of rediscovering MR. BUNGLE. Had immense fun last night showing selected clips of them and Fantomas to George Ward´╗┐. Don't even remember why now. Something to do with Slayer being sampled by Public Enemy on 'She Watch Channel Zero'. Anyway! Enjoy!

elevitate 3 Jan 2014

This is one of the best song I know. Excellent theme, excellent metal drops, excellent text based on Poe's poem Berenice, delicious thrilling ambiance. And the musicians talent are at their best.   2

yohannov 1 Aug 2013

So people consider it shocking I consider it my all time favourite Mr Bungle song just edging out Sweet Charity!!!   11

luggy9 14 Aug 2013