Fantasy by MS MR


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I believe I posted this before. This is my favorite video of this song. I like it a lot better than the "Official" version. @msmrsounds

bobbym529 13 Aug 2014

cheerleaders puking glitter.

LanaMBP 10 Apr 2014

MS MR - Fantasy. Elements of this track remind me of Florence + the Machine. This is one of several acts that was first introduced to me by the currently defunct Howls of the Wolfpack blog; hope they start up again.

ZeiramMR 17 Jun 2014

I made a list of my favorite albums of 2013. Here's a track from #9. The list:

aru 19 Apr 2014

@msmrsounds Good stuff!

bobbym529 2 Jun 2014

@msmrsounds Still loving this song. And this is a great performance of it.

bobbym529 8 Jun 2014