One Night In Bangkok by Murray Head

“Unfortunately the better videos are non-embeddable :-(”

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Unfortunately the better videos are non-embeddable :-(

mossberg 9 Apr 2013

I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine.

iPaulie 5 Aug 2013

"I'd let you watch. I would invite you, but the queens we use would not excite you." What feels like a lifetime ago now, I wanted to be an actor. Particularly I was interested in being a comedic character actor. The middle aged defense lawyer with a head of stone and a heart of gold. The eccentric doctor. The overworked police chief with a bad liver and a bad attitude. You know the type. I was already getting those kind of roles in high school and college so I figured as I got older it'd just get easier. Then real life set in. One of the many dreams though was to be asked (I didn't wanna have to audition for this one) to do the Murray Head part for some off Broadway musical theater production of Chess. As I understand it, the part's small. You make a big splash at the top of the second act and you're at the bar before final curtain. Imagine a summer of that somewhere. I figured it'd be a nice way to spend the twilight of my career. Of course that never happened. In my dreams tho..   6

ZachsMind 5 Jun 2015

Technically I'm spending two and a half nights in Bangkok, but still...   2

Wordridden 25 Feb 2012

Was briefly tempted to go with the Mike Tyson version. Briefly.

ThePinkPhantom 27 Jan 2015

Pawn to Queen 3. Che... Hey, why'd you flip the board over?

Marlboroman_Mat 9 Mar 2015