Bliss by Muse

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manuels 13 Jan 2012

Yes, still in my little Muse-mania. This is definitely my favourite Muse song, which automatically makes it one of my all time favourite songs. (Together with Station To Station by Bowie and The Family and the Fishing Net by Peter Gabriel and Learning To Fly by Pink Floyd.) What can I say, doesn't everyone feel a little shiver at: "Give me---, the peace en joy in your mind!"

MaxVerweijen 16 Mar 2014

The good ol' times :)

Mar 14 Nov 2013

Carrying on the rundown of my top albums ever, we've got Origin of Symmetry by Muse. If this is only #77 there must be some damned good things above it, that's all I can say.   5

obadiah99 29 Mar 2015

2013.06.23 Mika : Vodafone LIVE in Madrid 02 Blue Eyes

mikadb 5 Jul 2013

What's the matter with you?

Necco 22 Aug 2012