Follow Me by Muse


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revisiting Muse   1

nikkinikki 22 May 2015

Still haven't listened 2 new alb all the way through but songs ive heard are a return 2 form.   3

Oldy86 10 Apr 2013

Thought this song was the cheesiest shit in the world when I first heard it, but now I can't get it out of my head (story of my life). I'm now convinced that Matt's voice has only gotten better over the years!   2

PolytheneLucy 27 May 2013

it's absolutely stunning...   2

lomapur 22 Jun 2013

"Follow me, you can trust in me, I will always keep you safe, my love..."

anorien 5 May 2013

JAM of a day... #music

aldopizzagalli 11 Jun 2013