Supremacy by Muse


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The BEST James Bond theme that never was... *sigh*

PlugInKathi 5 Jan 2014

En route back to Melbourne with #QANTAS after marathon session with NSW client, tuned into tremendous online radio selection. I slept through Arctic Monkeys "AM" album, but then there was this. Rather appropriate considering today was a State election; "Wake to see Your true emancipation is a fantasy".   16

itskerryc 29 Nov 2014

Greatness dies, unsung and lost, invisible to history.   1

LujaneAl_F 4 Apr 2015

Time Lapse Video Of The 2nd Law Stage (Dutch Classics can still be found at @dutchzaphod)   44

dutchbeeblebrox 13 Nov 2013

A masterpiece.   2

IVIatu 27 Jun 2015

"The time, it has come, to destroy your supremacy"

musehysteria27 6 Nov 2014