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voellig 9 Oct 2013

Yes! Welcome back, girls.

crapforgenius 5 Jul 2013

The beauty of this song is that at each moment of the vocals, you can hear and recognize the individual voices of Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan. This one is now sad, this one is hopeful, this one is getting over it this very instant. It's refreshing; we are so used to hearing harmonies multi-tracked from a single voice, or having a pop group's chorus cannon-blasted at us, that there is a tingly, unexpected thrill at having three very different women share a song with charm, generosity and understated emotion.

matthewmatthew 16 Jul 2014

Hi yes good   2

McKelvie 4 Jul 2013

This is still amazing! #MKS #PerfectPop

SineadWall 9 Oct 2014

Stay gone, darling I won't hang on.

xolondon 5 Jul 2013