my bloody valentine by who sees you

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but pseudoholly was first  

It's been 1 year since I stopped waiting for 22 years and finally got a new album from MBV and it's so fucking good.

greatquux 27 Feb 2014

22 years well spent, My Bloody Valentine.

pseudoholly 3 Feb 2013

Number 12 in my albums of 2013 is "mbv" by My Bloody Valentine. Look forward to a new album in 2035.   8

AndyWilkinson 24 Dec 2013

An exquisite track from a contender for 'Album Of The Year'   25

Bukowski 20 Mar 2013

the super bowl of albums is finally here

scott_mcginnis 3 Feb 2013

Drop everything you are doing. My Bloody Valentine just released their new album. AND IT IS AMAZING!   6

CallumPetch 3 Feb 2013