I'm Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance


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but zubiwan was first  

I'm gonna be emo today. YUS. \m/(-.-)\m/   1

AaronCobain 23 Jun 2014

Love this song.   1

Lewis_C_Roberts 29 Oct 2012

I'm gonna be throwing it back to high school the next couple of days. One of my old favorite bands from back in the day!

Misfit47 22 Aug 2015

Oh how I love this song. It's been too long!

ellierose101 28 Oct 2013

eternal jam for life. sad to see this site get archived. will miss it ♡

bvlletsmcr 10 Aug 2015

Because karaoke with the gods looks fun. #WicDiv

miriosaurus 25 Jan 2015