Express Yourself by N.W.A

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I've been in a '90s hip hop mood yesterday and today after hearing last night's episode of Fresh Air with Rick Famuyiwa. They were discussing his new movie Dope which I MUST see!

oklahomalefty 2 Jul 2015

#funkyfriday Jammed many times here before, but since the film's coming out shortly...   7

mloup 30 Jul 2015

#oldschooljams   10

jackietheripper 27 Aug 2014

I watched Straught Outta Compton on the weekend, such a good film about some awesome people   2

Nickita 21 Sep 2015

"So what do you want me to do?" #funkyfriday   18

mloup 4 Dec 2014

Lacing up trainers to sprint to the polling station. #NoVoteNoVoice #IGotSomeSpeed

Missdblue 7 May 2015