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Had this on repeat since it came out. That intro. Mmm-mmm.   8

Han 27 Jun 2014

Jai Paul's brother put out a song and it's so good

excitement1995 20 Jun 2014

2014: Heavy rotation...   3

LiveAtTheApollo 22 Dec 2014

What happens when #JaiPaul ‘s brother and producer #AKPaul & British singer-songwriter #NAO blend their producing skills and lovely vocals together ? Well you get some very very interesting results. Posted a day ago on NAO‘s soundcloud profile, the delightful duo are bringing sexy back to a quieter than usual alternative #London scene. For our enjoyment of course. Indeed, the pair have been working together on new material in time for the summer ! And we have fallen for the #trippy #beats and that voice of course... READ MORE :

sodwee 23 Jun 2014

Courtesy of Gorilla vs.Bear. A psychedelically smooth & shoulder-and-head bobbin' sound, with the soulful vocals of Nao & A.K. Paul. Think Banks...but happier.

nah_nah 20 Jun 2014