You Suffer by Napalm Death

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but JamesNicoll was first  

I sang this at karaoke once

statusjones 10 Jun 2013

The short song to end all #shortsongs. Also the world's shortest official video.   2

crawtonleek 14 Jul 2013

It was either this or "Jenny Ondioline" by Stereolab. I figured you were more likely to listen to a song that was less than 18 minutes long.   1

thereisnocat 7 Jun 2015

This is the best song ever made. Seriously.

operador_ 3 Oct 2014

N is for NAPALM DEATH .....I've always quite enjoyed this sort of stuff, but only in very small doses.......this song is also a RECORD BREAKER!! features in the Guiness Book of Records as the shortest song ever recorded! And I'd like to make this song break another record, as being the MOST PLAYED JAM EVER on TIMJ!!.....Please do your best to reach that total (I'm not sure what it is? ...someone might know)...I KNOW we can do it.....All proceeds will be going to The Napalm Death Benevolent Fund and The Home for Bewildered Electro Hippies.....   46

philipnareike 10 Dec 2014

In the mood for the shortest song ever, clocking in at 1.316 seconds. Resistance is futile.   1

mrbensiddall 3 Jun 2014