The Don by Nas

CanadianWinter’s jam on 16 Mar ’12 (See all)

“He's still got it.”

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He's still got it.

CanadianWinter 16 Mar 2012

Seriously, the hardest fuckin' beat. The hardest beat! What you ever hear harder than this? AHHHHHH!

RickyBrugal 7 Sep 2012

Nas - The Don. Love this track.

Hedgem0ny 12 Jul 2013

For all my artical ghetto youth in the interweb badlands. New Nasty!

ringo_p 16 Mar 2012

Nas made one of the best rap albums of the year and hardly anyone noticed.

yermam 27 Nov 2012

Massive Attack remix

kingstonwatson 26 Jun 2013