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but antichristmas was first  

("Smile, tho your heart is aching") I'm sending this out to all of you who were brought into my life because of our love for music, thanks to TIMJ. I'm going to really miss this place and all the many here who made each week for me alot brighter in my life. I'm really feeling the sadness as the time here comes to a close. I won't say goodbye, I'll say see you around and like I always say, "Music the best medicine helps heal hurt, pain, loss love and love..Love you and God bless you my TIMJ family...   6

kathy945834 27 Aug 2015

Doing my best - Smile by Nat King Cole   1

janeinhastings 14 Mar 2015

Great song, great singer, clever cartoon. We need a smile this week.

Gil_Mensch 10 Jan 2015

An early #SundaySoother as well as something for #TakeMyAdviceWeek   11

Avante 24 Jan 2015

If you fancy a good sob this is wonderful: Alison Steadman and Olivia Coleman are fabulous! OC ( or Sophie as she is affectionally referred to in our house) does difficult emotions so well.   20

abigail.deeks 8 Nov 2014

For a very special lady. Always in our hearts x

Charlie_Farlie 18 Oct 2013