Grey Cell Green by Ned's Atomic Dustbin

“Only 90's kids will remember this song ;)”

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Only 90's kids will remember this song ;)

porcupiny 17 Jul 2015

"You're telling me it's in disguise, well use your eyes / It's not, it's inside me now" (our Halloween candy, that is)

escapist 1 Nov 2014

This song made me want to be a skateboarder in high school.

chootka 29 Jul 2015

inspired by Bertie ‏@BertrandRustles Aug 26 One of the best singles of the '90s. Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Grey Cell Green #ThisIsMyJam that one wouldn't play for me so.....   3

hsmagnet 28 Aug 2015

it's in the trees in the trees...   2

fleabee 27 Feb 2015

Fond memories of their gig at the Tiv in Buckley in early '91.   1

UncannyUK 25 Jun 2013