Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) by Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Kimberly_Kelley’s jam on 15 Mar ’13 and then once after that (See all)

“\m/ OG METAL \m/”

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\m/ OG METAL \m/   1

Kimberly_Kelley 19 Sep 2015

Rust Never Sleeps

leedrever 25 Mar 2014

God - if it's a similar crowd at Hyde Park tomorrow I'll be too busy marvelling at them to watch ol' Shakey trash that guitar! And The National playing a full set in support. Genius bit of booking - can't wait :)

MichaelReader 11 Jul 2014

It's #DistortedGuitarsWeek at Mellor Towers

twistymellorman 12 Aug 2014

Of all the old guard rock’n’rollers, none responded to punk better than Neil Young. His rebuttal of punks premise that what had came before was irrelevant, that punk stood alone, that punk was some kind of scalpel that cut rock from its roots was “Rust Never Sleeps”. Taking punks tools of visceral, stripped down rock, he carved out the connections back to Link Wray and Elvis and Jimi and gouged out a map for Husker Du and the Replacements, and on to Nirvana and Pearl Jam. NME would mock the idea of “Rock’s Rich Tapestry”, but Young wove a picture that honored the fallen King and dragged Johnny Rotten into focus, while Neil tied up all the loose threads. #lastjam #jam200 #bettertoburnoutrustneversleeps   34

paulgdaly 23 Sep 2015

Thank you for the memories hippo- rock'n'roll can never die.   3

mifan86 4 Feb 2014