Like a Hurricane by Neil Young & Crazy Horse


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There's calm in your eye.

vitortorga 28 Jun 2013

Like others roundabout these here parts I'm going to see Neil with the Horse this weekend. The ultimate distillation of what that particular unit stand for is all in this song. Doesn't he look so young though (no pun intended).   1

cwparker 9 Jul 2014

Rock out.

GregCarter 16 Jun 2012

A classic! I'll never get tired of this song!

OllieTheWhite 10 Jun 2013

Just heard 'Old Man' on the radio, reminded me that the man's a genius - as well as being a pretty handy guitar player.....   1

toonfan 10 Jun 2015

The highlight of last night's excellent set (complete with owl-keyboard and roadies in fancy dress!)   1

TBBYNH 18 Jun 2013