Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young

“Just some Neil to get the week started right.”

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Just some Neil to get the week started right.   1

Bandoswb 21 Jan 2013

As favourite ever songs go, this is up there.

albakirk 10 May 2014

Was thinking of seeing him at the Ottawa Folk Fest in know what they say about wayward Canucks: you can (should) never go home least looking like that :D   6

peterh07 11 Jun 2013

Felt the need for some dirty Rock guitar, and this one's been in my head quite a lot. It's also a good example of his notorious one note guitar solo's. Less IS more! Just wish some of the infamous guitar noodlers of Rock had paid more attention to Mr Young! Having said that, I like the way that the last few seconds of this is like his way of saying, 'Hey, I do know there's quite a few other notes available, it's just that I choose not to use them' Enjoy :)   4

Phyl 16 Feb 2014

In response to all the Neil Young jams popping up on this site lately, here's my favourite Neil Young song.   5

Section42L 18 Jun 2013

Happy Valentines day. :D

Gelf13 15 Feb 2015