Cortez The Killer by Neil Young

HAL9000’s jam on 6 Sep ’12 and then once after that (See all)

“Hope the Aztec's had a better calendar than the Mayan's!”

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Hope the Aztec's had a better calendar than the Mayan's!

HAL9000 29 Dec 2012

Just one of my fave NY tracks ever. And so many great versions to choose from. Hat tip @dominikus   11

fsohail 7 Apr 2014

What a killer.... Jam200   7

adrian4acn 27 Sep 2012

Epic guitar playing, lyrics, singing and hystorical story.

bradosman 4 Jan 2012

I found this album,Zuma yesterday on my old laptop.My favorite song.Glad I didn't erase everything.   6

ada23 4 Mar 2015

Can't believe I haven't jammed any Neil Young before. Time to rectify that,   8

AndyWilkinson 27 Jul 2015