Four Strong Winds by Neil Young

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but keano was first  

A little bit of Neil always soothes my soul.   2

bjbuchanan1 20 Oct 2012

Canadian classic song (originally performed by Ian and Sylvia) performed by classic Canadian artist. "Think I'll go out to Alberta, Weather's good there in the fall. Got some friends that I can go to working for"

Ohow 24 Jun 2014

I don't think there's a chance that old Shakey's going to play this on Sunday, especially with this stellar "backing group". I've Jammed it before and this version is one of my Top 10 "Eternal Jams". It's from the "Neil Young: Heart Of Gold" DVD.  #4                                                            I'm away from Saturday for about a week, so no Jams from me for a while. Take care!!   24

mikelowe 11 Jul 2014

Mr and Mrs Young and a venerable "backing band ". Sublime .   12

mikelowe 24 Apr 2013