Old Man by Neil Young

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"Old Man" is an account of Young observing an older man on his ranch and noting the similarities in their lives. Like many of Young's songs from the time, it has an acoustic country-folk backbone, with low-key rock undertones.   4

phantomstar 16 Feb 2015

Still in melancholic mood and I like it. I wish I was in that crowd, in 1971 (my birth year) discovering Harvest... Before Harvest!   29

MyBlueElephant 13 Aug 2013

Happy 68th birthday to Neil Young, one of the great storytellers in rock history. Sounded great when he was 24 and his songs have aged very well over the past 40 plus years.   1

gingrich1 13 Nov 2013


MoustachePants 15 Jul 2015

Give me things that don't get lost.

spidermilla 2 Mar 2015

With thanks to Guitarman for finding this...sublime...   15

ErnieBilko 26 Dec 2014