Revolution Blues by Neil Young

“Sneaking in a bunch of my fave tunes before the doors shut…”

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Sneaking in a bunch of my fave tunes before the doors shut…   3

fsrlabel 11 Aug 2015

A song about celebrity, stardom & Charlie Manson. Maybe the next classic rock station that thinks about playing "Heart of Gold" should spin this instead.   2

paulgdaly 10 Jan 2014

New Neil Young

YKnot 15 Nov 2014

Listening to the truly excellent You Must Remember This podcast's multi part series on the Manson murders so I've had this buzzing away in the back of my mind for days. It's also reintroduced me to the Dennis Wilson album Pacific Ocean Blue, I wanted to share a tune from that but I wasn't allowed, oh well #bummer   3

Charlotta 8 Jul 2015

A good accompaniment to the creepy Charles Manson-esque vibe that seems to be hanging over Southend today.

backwards7 18 Sep 2015