Man Child by Neneh Cherry

“An oldie but a goodie etc....”

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An oldie but a goodie etc....

DadoRockWhirirk 29 Jun 2015

This is my first ever REJAM. Everything about this song is heartbreaking and stupendous.   1

tomewing 18 May 2012

1989 Neneh > Pre- or Post-1989 Neneh

actuallydavid 5 Mar 2014

Neneh Cherry was pretty amazing live. Glad I got to see here twice at Womad!

FunkyJ 11 Mar 2015

Transcendent. Not sure on the "tacky songs" line though, Neneh.

InAt40 28 Jan 2015

The kind of thing I assume I don't like, and then I hear it on the radio and it's full of amazing things. Then again everything from the 80s is good really. EVERYTHING.   4

thesunneversets 4 Jan 2014