Hallogallo by Neu!


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Trippy spacey German krautrock classic. Have a lovely weekend folks.   10

Bukowski 2 Jan 2015

A jam inspired by this article in the Guardian: http://gu.com/p/4x2pe. What on earth is an anti-riff? Not surprisingly, the commentators on the article almost entirely argue about how to define that term. I instantly thought of this song: An anti-riff should go against what you expect, right? So, f.ex., instead of a chord progression, there is just one chord. Instead of a simple hooky melody, there's just one note. Or something else entirely. Any takers? #antiriff   6

Gummi 26 Aug 2014

Goodbye, Gallo, and Bates, and Weiner, and all the rest...   5

thefamilyghost 22 Jan 2015

#Germanweek   3

AndyMack 18 May 2013

After spending last week stuck in the 60s, it's only right that I push forward into the 70s, starting with the early stirrings of Krautrock.   5

crawtonleek 31 Mar 2014

They still excite me.   3

kompani101 31 Aug 2015