Blue Monday by New Order

“Happy 30th Birthday Blue Monday.”

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Happy 30th Birthday Blue Monday.   2

jonathanapples 9 Mar 2013

I think this is a legal requirement isnt it.

seiibutsu 26 Sep 2015

Remember Skoochies in Seattle in 1985? I do. #thisismyjam

nosajholt 1 Sep 2015

Wot no jams?!   23

abigail.deeks 10 Aug 2015

Bye bye #thisismyjam. Signing out with the greatest song ever made - New Order's Blue Monday

cicicyclone 24 Aug 2015

New Order's 1983 hit "Blue Monday" is still to this day such a staple of Clubs all over the world that it’s got the title of the biggest selling 12-inch single…Ever! The track has been remixed, covered and sampled so many times, however no version ever seems be as good as the original.   3

phantomstar 13 Mar 2015