Ceremony by New Order

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Countdown: De Duizelende Duizend (The Staggering Thousand) Number 633. [from album: Movement (bonustrack)] [year: 1981]   2

RW104 6 Jan 2015

At number 69.....Joy Division morphed into New Order, and this was the first single...I have the vinyl .....the sleeve was bright gold....great track......   1

njparry 13 Oct 2014

After the death of Ian Curtis it would have been understandable for the remaining members of Joy Division to give up, or try to carry on without their singer. They locked themselves away in Manchester and set about finding a new sound, each taking turns on vocals before Bernard Sumner settled into the role. When Ceremony, which featured Curtis’s lyrics, was released in 1981, it bridged the gap between what Joy Division had been and what New Order would become. It marked a new era for both the city and the band, ushering in the birth of rave, The Haçienda, and a triumphant career for a band who had once lost everything.

KennethPedersen 8 Jun 2015

The first single released by New Order in 1980.....I remember buying the single...gold sleeve......as if it was yesterday. I used to close my eyes and drift away every time I played it.   5

njparry 7 Apr 2014

New performance of one of my favourite songs

tilapia 30 Nov 2011


simonides 20 Aug 2015