Your Silent Face by New Order

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but alexcornetto was first  

Morning meditation courtesy of New Order.   2

danieleizans 3 Feb 2015

Favourite synth line. Ever.   2

markcmphillips 22 Mar 2013

Massive tune Friday :)

weallshineon 24 Jul 2015

I didn't really get into New Order until 'Subculture' and 'Low' so 'Power, Corruption & Lies' kind of passed me by originally but I've been streaming it quite a bit lately. This track is probably the most Kraftwerk-y thing they ever did.

doctorjb 1 Mar 2015

Just came on shuffle on the iPod.   3

markcmphillips 23 Jan 2013

#everydayjams until @thisismyjam is gone! ✖✖✖ “Your Silent Face” by @neworder is my new jam. Listen:

alanhouser 26 Aug 2015