Jet Boy by New York Dolls


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Caught it on the radio only once when it first came out - it was brashly and viciously arresting. And then I didn't hear it again for years. It just didn't get much national radio play in Seventies England. Listening to it again the other day I was reminded of just how rivetting that first aural impact was. Devastating and brilliant.

chrismartin91 29 Jul 2013

Letter N of my #ABCofPunk and it's only a song from before the birth of punk! But they were managed by Malcolm McLaren for a short while and Morrisey of The Smiths fame ran their UK fan club. The New York Dolls 1973 appearance on OGWT is the best version of this track I can find. It's so much better live and if I don't get 1000 'loves' for this, I may as well give up with TIMJ.   2

markhyson 16 Jan 2015

When Bob Harris described this as 'Mock Rock' in just knew it was the future of Rock n Roll.   2

stevello57 13 Dec 2011

#MYKINDofrocknroll! ( 10 of 10 ) Just HAD to end with THIS one! HaHa!....This one is from their debut, self-titled LP, my all-time favourite rock 'n' roll album. Period....Often referred to as the Godfathers ( Mothers?) of Punk, this fantastic spiky little combo generated enough ripples of interest from across the pond to result in Malcolm McLaren becoming their manager who went on to dress them up in matching red leather suits & swathed in communist banners. This wasn't the scene at all for the Dolls , who were more interested in getting their rocks off as well as their next big hit (..and I'm NOT talking about a 'chart hit' here) McLaren fled back to England to embark on his next big project . First, he had to find a hunchback with 'rotten' teeth......Meanwhile, the Dolls sadly splintered. Their flame flickered briefly but brightly. Their name rolled on into the stuff of legends.   23

debutch 9 Jul 2014

last #GlamJam for #GlamWeek...   1

Clash_Presley 6 Sep 2013

Last NY-NW Jam. Another band that deserved a movie. New York Doll is again sad and uplifting.   2

adrian4acn 18 May 2012